About Alaka`ina

Develop. Build. Grow.

Alaka`ina in Hawaiian means “leadership” and our mission at Alaka`ina is to build and promote leadership and education initiatives for “na pua o Hawai`i,” or the youth of Hawai` i.

Our goal is to develop a new generation of leaders, especially among those who live in rural areas, who have the aptitude, attitude and vision to lead our communities and our nation in the future. Our programs include:

Our logo depicts the growing juvenile (‘opio) taro (kalo) plant. Kalo is a staple of the Hawaiian diet, and was closely linked to the origin of the Hawaiian people. With Hawaiians, family consciousness of the same “root of origin” was a deeply felt, unifying force, no matter how many offshoots came from offshoots.”2 Source: Nānā I Ke Kumu, Look to the Source, Volume I, Mary Kawena Pukui, E.W. Haertig, and Catherine A. Lee, pp 61-62, 166-167, copyright 1972.

Alaka`ina is a non-profit 501(c)3 that was incorporated in January 2013.